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YES....this will help your pets too!  Do you have a pet with high anxiety, like separation anxiety?  Try a few drops of CBD on their food and watch them relax before you leave.  Older animals that deal with arthritis and other joint issues will also benefit greatly from CBD.  Start with a few drops and increase until the effect is ideal.  


We recommend you use the 10ml bottle since you only use several drops at a time depending on your pet's size.


Interestingly, CBD can help in many different ways and one benefit is that you can increase/decrease the amount over time to find out what works best for you.  Tennessee grown, processed, and produced all on our farm!


Our oil is clean and clear (see video) with almost no taste it is so pure!  Just two, natural ingredients:

  • MCT oil - Heart healthy Medium Chain Triglycerides from coconuts.
  • CBD distillate - Made on-site to insure purity and quality.

Gunny's CBD Pet Drops

  • We suggest a few drops at first unless you have a large animal.  It may take more to get the desired effect for larger animals.

    Store at room temperature out of direct sunlight.


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