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About Us


We are a Tennessee Century farm; our family purchased Green Hill Farms in 1904.  We are friends and family who love our farming community, love working with each other, and want to help sustain the way of life we love for us and other young, farm families.  With deep roots in Robertson County, our experience in agriculture is a great launching pad for hemp production.

Jonathan Gunn and Jesse Riggins have dreamed of owning a business in this industry for years.  They enlisted the help of Jonathan's brother, Josh, and sister-in-law, Kathy, whom both have over 20 years of experience in agriculture and business.  Jonathan has worked on his family farm since he was a child and has an agronomy degree. Jesse has a background in chemistry and nursing with significant experience in the hemp industry living in both California and Colorado.  He has a personal victory through this plant we grow, ask him about his journey and you will understand why he has such a passion for what he does!


We hope research catches up with our industry to find ways hemp, and its by-products can improve the quality of life for many.  We have hopes for helping and healing!



  • We want to give back and change lives.

  • We want to provide affordable products so anyone can get the benefits of  CBD.

  • We want to create a conversation with our customers to introduce new products that fit their lifestyle and health needs.

  • We want to contribute to our community by supporting agriculture and scientific education in our schools.

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