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Quality Guarantee

Please compare us to other CBD products!

AFFORDABLE      |      PURE      |      FARM DIRECT


You pay less for our products and they are better than any you have tried.

Our purity is so high, the oil is

clear and tasteless.

How can a small farm do that?

We are vertically integrated 

  • We grow the hemp

  • Extract the oil out of the plant

  • Distill the oil to a clean and pure state

  • Make the products

  • All from home base on our farm 

We keep expenses down

  • We don't own expensive warehouses

  • We don't have high executive salaries

  • We run the business efficiently

  • We don't spend money on expensive packaging or marketing that you end up paying for

If you are not happy with our products, you can fill out our quality review survey,  return the container within 14 days and we will give you a full refund.  We only use the survey to improve our products.

[Note once you return a product, you may no longer order that product again without paying for the one you returned]

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