Welcome to Gunny's Market

It all starts in the hemp field with a farmer named Gunny; ends in High Quality, Affordable CBD Products!

It begins in the hemp field with a farmer named Gunny...

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We are a Century farm...

The Gunn family has been farming this ground since 1904.  What makes us different?  

  1. We are not a large corporate entity trying to figure out how to make cheap products in large volumes OR over-pricing products to cover expensive salaries, processing plants, and unnecessary, over-the-top packaging.

  2. We take the time to make all of our products with care.  With smaller volumes come strong quality controls that we insist on.   

  3. Everything we do is on the farm... with a little help from our neighborhood compounding pharmacist!

  4. We are FDA registered and approved to sell products through the TDA in Tennessee who use cGMP standards for on-site licensing.